Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today's Horoscope

You have what it takes to go the distance -- and you'll get to prove it very soon.

Casting your gaze down the road is good, but your ambitions may be distracting you too much today. Turn your eyes toward something that is much easier to see: Today. Living in the moment sounds so silly, but it's the key to happiness. And best of all, it's easy to do. Forget the future, you can't predict it and you can't control it, but you can control just about every minute of how you live today. Enjoy every aspect and every challenge -- after all they'll be gone tomorrow.

** Easier said than done. Hahaha...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


HaPPy Birthday 2 Me!!! ^=^

Time really flies... This is my 3rd birthday in Lion City.
Celebrated a week earlier with my great friends here and was showered with lots of wonderful gifts. Lots of wishes from family and friends around the globe.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the lovely thoughts, wishes and gifts.

** I decided to come up with a new blog... so may stop this one and shift to the new one. Will keep you guys posted on the NEW Moo-Moo blog. ^=^

Monday, October 11, 2010

More on STEPS... ^=^

Ms. Mo's Poem on STEPS

Step n Step
Rain or Shine
Fight with Bitches
Feel so Tired

Bigger Step
Or Smaller Step
V Step or Reverse Step
Choose your Version

Make no Difference
Mambo Cha3
Step Away
Star Pose & Superman

Make your Choice
With no Regrets
Step with Riser/without Riser
March or Turn Up to you

Break your Leg
Spoil ur Knee
Who Cares
As long as we STEP

* it doesn't rhyme but still a good one... hehe...

Here's another one by MooMoo on the STEPS Instructors... ^=^

Steps Instructors

Step 1 2 or 3
Do come try and
Many to Choose
So Nothing to Lose

Idiot Crap3
Jumping Jack and Clap
Mambo Cha3
Always Ha3

Salsa Step Away
Spin or Not u May
Cartoon's Step So Fast
Til Some Cannot Last

Some come just to step
Never bored of step
Others come see idol
Never stop to drool

*** Real crazy... today took leave to rest at home coz morning leg was aching like mad... but evening went to 2 steps class. Dunno why... after steps, legs seems to feel better. Maybe for now... haha.. will know when I wake up tomorrow. ^=^

10-10-10: I made it! ^=^

10-10-10 ->> 10th Oct 2010 marked my 1st 30km. I'm so HAPPY that I made it alive.

1st of all must 'THANK GOD' for the beautiful weather else I would not make it within my targetted time of 4.5 hours. In the morning, it was raining and I thought... Oh no.... not another Yellow Ribbon run in the rain. Hahaha...then the rain stopped just when the race was about to start. Yippee!!! After the rain, the weather was pretty cooling all the way till 11am. Mr. Sunshine only woke up after 11am.
I only managed to run non-stop for the 1st 12km. After that, I started to have short breaks in between runs. The 1st 20km was still OK. After that, my legs started to get very tired though waist up can still make it. My waist down basically gave up on me after 25km. I walked a lot during my last 10km and was like dragging my legs at some point.
I took forever to complete my last 1km. The timing ain't great but I'm glad I completed my 1st 30km. I think I'm OK for 21km now but for full marathon definitely need LOTS and LOTS of training to avoid 'jelly legs'. Hahaha...
And here's the medal we got for finishing the race. This round's run have no nice goody bag and the running T is just a normal T. Anyway, a lot just joined to clock the 30km.
The next run wil be on 24th Oct 2010 - Nike City Run 2010. ^=^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Step Step Step

Tall or Short
All on Board
Fat or Thin
All Come In

Snatch a Board
Find a Slot
Music Loud
Sweat it Out

One Two Three
Step with Glee
Day and Night
Step with Might

Up and Down
With no Sound
Spin and Turn
Never Burn

Sick or Well
Without Fail
Come 2 Class
No need Ask

Why u ask?
Must u ask?
Reason One
Coz it's Fun!

(c) Copyright poem by Moo2 ^=^

Think I'm so in LOVE with STEPS that I can even write poems on it.... hahaha... Will soon post the sequel of the poems... plus d' one from Ms. Mo... one of my BFF... not BIG FAT FREN ya... maybe BEAUTIFUL FIT FREN. kekeke... she would love it when she read this... maybe roll eyes and go tsk...tsk...tsk... but still loving it.... ^=^

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 months

This is 3 months growth of hair... and after a short trim couple of weeks ago... just to shape it up at the side and clean up the hair round my ears. I find it suddenly growing very slowly at this stage. = (

Piggy tells me I need 2 years to grow back my previous shoulder length hair. Hahaha... does that mean that I will not be able to grow it long before the next round? *Sigh.... Anyway, I think it's quite cooling to have this hairstyle. haha...


"LUCKY" Lately?!?
Lately, I'm in lucky streak which is a very seldom occassion for me..... it started with winning a 'universal travel adapter' through a quiz entry, then follow by a $20 voucher through submission of suggestions and yesterday, another $50 voucher at work. Hope I will win a big lucky draw prize next Sun during my company Dinner & Dance. ^=^

Missing Piece in your Puzzle... ^=^

What would you do if there's a 'missing piece' in your puzzle?

-> Spend all your time searching for that 'particular' piece till you find it to fit in your puzzle?

-> Go buy another new set of puzzle and ignore the old incomplete puzzle?

-> Give up on the puzzle totally and forget about it?

-> Ignore the 'missing' piece and just frame up the complete puzzle with missing piece. Nothing's perfect anyway. It's ART! ^=^

* just crapping... haha...